Map Your Lawn

Map Your Lawn Webapp
Simple GeoJSON editor with freehand drawing

Look up your property, mark out areas and cut off all unnecessary to have your area in feet, yards, meters and others. You can also open and add GeoJSON shapes to the map from your local computer or with a direct link to a Web resource. Save the result as GeoJSON for future reference (with a subscription). Try our Map Your Lawn webapp today! See our Privacy Policy.

Important note! Until the issue with using a google script app in a multiuser environment (signed-in in one session) is resolved, use this web app with one only signed-in Google account. You can also use it in the private mode tab.

For developers:

Embed this app into your site with your own Google Maps API Key with enabled Maps JavaScript API. You can customize the appearance of the map and use callback functions to integrate it with your page or application.

How to use

  1. Search for your plot of land using the Location Search control with autocomplete.

  2. Choose the right tool for plotting the boundaries of the land
    freehand drawing.

  3. Use layers mode control to
    use multiple layers.
    To turn multiple layers mode ON use
    - Alt+Click on desktop devices,
    - “Press and Hold” on mobile devices.

    Important note! Overlapping shapes will be merged after turning multiple layers mode OFF or opening/adding shapes from file

  4. The Area of the shapes area will be calculated and displayed:

    Click on the area units and select the ones you want from the list to change.

  5. Click menu Save to save created shapes in GeoJSON format (with a subscription).


Click menu Open to open GeoJSON map.


Click menu Add to add GeoJSON shapes to your map.

Add from url

Click menu Add to add GeoJSON shapes to your map from the direct link to a Web resource.

Flip lat/lng

Click menu Flip lat/lng to change the order of latitude and longitude coordinates of your GeoJSON shape.


Click menu Clear to remove all shapes from the map.

Save selected

Click menu Save selected to save selected shapes.

Save all

Click menu Save all to save all shapes.


Check the subscription status of this web application in the Subscription menu.

Click button to add a new subscription.

There are 2 types of subscription:

‘Lawn Map’ is an individual user subscription that does not require a Google Maps API key;

‘Lawn Map Pro’ is a developer subscription that requires the developer's own Google Maps API key.